The 5 A’s of True Power in Social Movements ⚡

The Five A’s of True Power in Social Movements ⚡. As Langdon Winner suggests, knowledge alone is not true power. It’s only a piece of the puzzle. That entire puzzle consists of what I call:

The 5 A’s of True Power ⚡

  1. Gain Awareness of applicable knowledge: You must be aware of knowledge you can use to identify and solve the must pressing questions in social justice and change. Education as well as real world knowledge is an essential key;
  2. Plan an Approach: When you’ve collected applicable knowledge and actionable intelligence, you must formulate a plan for action. Planning is everything. Create action steps with deadlines and dates to chronicle a roadmap for success;
  3. Get Access to resources. As comedian Paul Mooney says, “I don’t want the recipe; I need the ingredients.” It’s not enough to know what can create and implement social change, you need access to those resources and entry past gates and gatekeepers;
  4. Recruit Allies. Don’t go at it alone. You must build a team. There is strength in numbers. It only takes a single leader with a dream to inspire a movement and electrify the globe;
  5. Take Action. Upon achieving awareness, planning an approach, gaining access, and recruiting allies, you must take action. Make it happen. If you take one step forward towards success, success takes two steps forward towards you. Action is synergistic. Everyone wants to be in the band; they just need you to bring the wagon.

Start formulating your approach, and put together your plan of action. 

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