Work with a Social Media Consultant – Invite Me to Speak 🗣️

Work with a Social Media Consultant 🗣️. You’re now ready to take the next steps in succeeding with a social justice social media video campaign and social change movement.

A digital marketing campaign, after extensive research, is one based upon the number of ads you buy and the amount of money you spend. Similar to print, radio and television advertising and marketing, this is a traditional marketing strategy based solely upon your access to significant monetary resources.

A social media marketing campaign is also based upon extensive research, but is rhizomatically supported through both interconnected and independent user engagement, participatory media and circular viralocity. A social media marketing campaign is organic in nature, and can grow into a social movement. To grow your social justice movement organically with social media video marketing, work with a social media consultant.

Invite me now to Panels, Talks and Presentations or to discuss formulating your social media video campaign strategy now.


Christopher C. Odom
Social Media Video Markting Consultant